Episode 83: How To Prepare For Disasters Without Scaring Your Children

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Rebecca Levey, Andrea Smith, and Amy Oztan are in the studio today talking with Tanya Weinberg, Director of Media and Communications at Save the Children, about the recent flooding in Louisiana, including how your donations help and how you can prepare for a disaster in your own home. Plus, we discuss an article from the Wall Street Journal about what your teen needs from you at each stage. And our Bytes of the Week!

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This Week’s Links

Save the Children

Save The Children

National Preparedness Month

Contribute to Save the Children’s Gulf Floods Children’s Relief Fund

Learn the Prep Step dance, make ICE contact cards for kids, and find emergency planning checklists

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Sponsor: Kopari Beauty Coconut Oil Products – get 20% off of your order by using our link!

Teenage Brains

What Teens Need Most From Their Parents, by Sue Shellenbarger – WSJ

The Teenage Brain, by Frances E. Jensen, MD

The Life-Saving Power Of Lifeguard Parenting, by Ann Shannon – Parent.co

Bytes of the Week

For Children In Pain, Virtual Reality Offers Dolphins And Hope, by Erin Allday – SF Chronicle

Owlet Smart Baby Sock

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