Episode 91: Bake It Happen For Breast Cancer Research!

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You bake, you share a picture of what you baked, and someone else donates money to breast cancer research. How awesome is that?

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Parenting Bytes episode 91 Bake It Happen
Andrea, Amy, Rebecca, Shari, and Stacy

Bake It Happen

Shari and Stacy lost their mother Judy to breast cancer eight years ago, and they put their grief into action with Bake It Happen. For the fourth year in a row, people sign up on their website, BakeItHappen.net, and bake one of Judy’s famous recipes. Then they share a picture of their creation to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #BakeItHappen. And here’s the best part: an anonymous partner donates $5 for each picture shared to the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation, which awards grants for breast cancer research! (If you’re not on social media, you can email a picture to YouBakeItHappen@gmail.com, and those will get counted for donations too.)

While the effort started with friends and family (and a different name: “Bananas for Boobies”), it has grown to include lots of strangers. Last year’s campaign raised $20,000! Shari has seen pictures from firehouses, soccer teams, and people baking to honor a loved one. The sisters’ hope is that in future years the fundraiser will expand offline to retail stores, with a big brand backing the cause.

You only have until the end of October to get your pictures posted! This weekend is a great time to do some baking. If your child’s school is having a Halloween bake sale or Halloween party on Monday, you could bake for that! Just remember to post a picture (or more than one!) to social media with the hashtag #BakeItHappen. You can sign up and find more info on BakeItHappen.net.

Bake It Happen 2016 - Shari and Stacy, creators of Bake It Happen
Shari and Stacy, creators of Bake It Happen

Halloween Bytes

We’ve got special Halloween-themed Bytes this week!

Amy is recommending an Android app called Horror Makeup, which has great tips on gory makeup effects. Also, you should read a post on McSweeney’s by the always-funny Wendi Aarons, titled “My Halloween House Of Horrors.”

Andrea recommends the list of Spooky Story Apps For Kids on Tech With Kids, 25 Spooky (and Cute!) Tech Accessories to Celebrate Your Love of Halloween from Pop Sugar, and a Tech Times article about how to mark your house for trick-or-treaters on the Next Door app.

And Rebecca keeps things simple with an article about 18 DIY Halloween Hacks You Can Make From Stuff You Already Have, on the Little Things website.

Episode Links

Bake It Happen

You can email #BakeItHappen pictures to YouBakeItHappen@gmail.com

Pink Pumpkin Patch

Horror Makeup app

My Halloween House Of Horrors, by Wendi Aarons – McSweeney’s

Spooky Story Apps For Kids – Tech With Kids

25 Spooky (and Cute!) Tech Accessories to Celebrate Your Love of Halloween, by Maria Asua – PopSugar

The Nextdoor App Lets Users Know Where To Trick-Or-Treat This Halloween, by Lauren Keating – Tech Times

Ring Video Doorbell

18 DIY Halloween Hacks You Can Make From Stuff You Already Have, by Julia Lynn Rubin – Little Things

Wine Pairings for Halloween Candy, by Erika Owen – Travel + Leisure

The Teal Pumpkin Project

How To Put A Head In A Jar For Halloween, by Amy Oztan – Amy Ever After

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