Episode 84: Baby Name Regret

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Welcome to Parenting Bytes! Rebecca Levey and Andrea Smith are in the studio this week, while Amy Oztan calls in from the Catskills, trying to suck a few more days out of summer. We’re talking about a list of 50 things you should never say to your kids, and what happens when you regret the name you gave your kid. Plus our Bytes of the Week!

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This Week’s Links

Talking to your Kids

50 Things You Should Never, Ever Say To Your Kids, by Charlotte Hilton Andersen – Good Housekeeping

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Sponsor: Kopari Beauty Coconut Oil Products – get 20% off of your order by using our link!

Baby Name Regret

A Lot of Mothers Regret the Names They Gave Their Children, According to a New Study, by Ruth Graham – Slate

Bytes of the Week

Yeah, That’s Probably An Ad, hosted by David Griner

Tile Slim

The Pleasures of Being Read To, by John Colapinto – The New Yorker

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