Episode 92: The American Academy of Pediatrics Finally Gives Up

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Is the American Academy of Pediatrics just saying what we want to hear about screen time, or have they actually changed their minds?

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Rebecca and Andrea welcomed Amy back from a trip to Disney World! This week we’ll be talking about Halloween (including trick-or-treating in the Magic Kingdom), and how the American Academy of Pediatrics has updated their screen-time guidelines once again, perhaps in an attempt to stay relevant.

But most importantly, Amy brought Andrea a Charleston Chew bar that her daughter got trick-or-treating!

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Parenting Bytes Podcast - HalloWishes at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney World
HalloWishes show, during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

For the first time, Amy went trick-or-treating at Disney World. Attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party involves buying a separate ticket, which includes Magic Kingdom admission starting at 4pm. The Halloween festivities start at 7, with each person (adults too!) getting a bag for candy. Then you go around treat stations, and get completely loaded up with as much candy as the cast members can grab for you.

There are no limits to how many times you can go to the treat stations, and additional bags are available! It’s an expensive, but exciting, way to trick or treat. Plus, there’s a special show at the end of the night called HalloWishes, a take on the usual fireworks show, Wishes.

Amy did NOT wear her “real” costume to the Halloween party (she repurposed the only part of last year’s Darla costume she could find, the sweatshirt). She saved the real costume for a conference costume party a couple nights later. It was a hit.

Parenting Bytes Podcast - Amy's Madame Leota costume from The Haunted Mansion
Madame Leota

Do you recognize who she is? Maybe this will help.

Halloween Manners

Maybe the co-hosts are just getting old and cranky, but it seems like a lot of kids (and adults!) have forgotten good Halloween etiquette. Kids are grabbing more candy than they’ve been instructed to (in one case, even the bowl went missing!), and in Amy’s neighborhood an increasing number of uncostumed adults are asking for candy too.

On the other end of the spectrum are things like Trunk or Treat, where parents all meet in a parking lot and kids go from decorated trunk to decorated trunk, getting candy in an ultra-safe and supervised way.

Somewhere in the middle is probably a perfect Halloween that never actually existed.

The AAP Gives Up

Parenting Bytes Podcast - a toddler watching a computer

Nobody really pays attention to those screen-time recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, right? But they keep issuing them, and in an attempt to stay relevant, they’ve finally eased up a little. But it’s still not enough to please the folks at HuffPo, who had some harsh things to say about the new guidelines and how they’re reached.

If you want to learn more about how to keep an eye on your kids’ screen time, check out Amy’s article on Tom’s Guide.

Bytes of the Week

Amy’s Byte is another podcast, from the people behind the wonderful Bowery Boys podcast, called The First Podcast. It explores inventions and firsts of all kinds, and while only one episode has been released so far (about the first Ferris Wheel), Amy has high hopes based on the quality and longevity of The Bowery Boys.

Andreas Byte is a wearable from TomTom. Smaller than the Microsoft Band, with all sorts of monitors and connectivity, Andrea gives it high marks.

And last, Rebecca is recommending an article in The Atlantic about how many states have basically outlawed normal teenage behavior.

This Week’s Links

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The First Podcast, Stories of Inventions and their Consequences

The Bowery Boys Podcast

TomTom Touch Wearable

How America Outlawed Adolescence, by Amanda Ripley – The Atlantic

Lunchroom Lunacy: ISD Cops Investigate $2 Bill Spent On School Lunch, by Ted Oberg – Eyewitness News Houston

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