Episode 98: Why You Should Stop Taking Facebook Quizzes Right Now

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Data companies have more information on you than the government, and it’s being used in ways that weren’t possible even a few years ago.

Parenting Bytes Why You Should Stop Taking Facebook Quizzes - Featured

Facebook Quizzes

How many times a day do you see a quiz go through your Facebook feed? Two? Three? Ten? Which “Friends” Character Are You. Which Country Should You Move To. We’ll Guess Your Age Based On These Three Questions.

Harmless, right?

As our president-elect would say, WRONG!

Those quizzes–which aren’t actually part of Facebook, but are shared all over Facebook–are actually designed to collect information about you, helping data companies compile massive amounts of data about you. According to this article, one data company says that it has as many as 5,000 data points on 230 million Americans.

Taking the quiz itself probably isn’t harmful. It’s when you share the quiz on Facebook. By clicking “share” you’re giving the website that produced the quiz certain rights, and you’ve now linked all of your quiz answers to your real name and identity.

And it’s how they use that data that is truly terrifying. They are able to target us with Facebook ads that speak directly to our own fears. The massive amounts of targeted Facebook ads deployed on behalf of the Trump campaign may have swung the election.

And the worst part is, we’re doing this voluntarily. This isn’t spying or hacking, this is ordinary Americans, sharing way too much about ourselves as a form of entertainment.

This trend of oversharing goes beyond Facebook ads, however. There are companies that compile health data on you to sell to insurance companies. A status update about your daughter’s surgery could impact your insurance rates, and you wouldn’t even know why.

So think before you share, and teach your kids to do the same. Who is seeing that information? What rights are you giving up when you allow a data company access to your Facebook account?

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