Episode 99: Parenting Resolutions

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It’s a new year, have you made any parenting resolutions? How about resolutions for yourself to get organized? We’ve got some resolutions, advice, apps, and a special message from our sponsor, Bitdefender Box, about securing your Smart Home.

Get Organized!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Is January first really the best time to start something new? Rebecca feels that the start of the school year is a more natural time for her to assess and plan, not the new year. Amy agrees, adding that her debilitating perfectionism makes New Year’s resolutions very difficult for her, so she just doesn’t do them.

But despite not starting anything new this past week, both Amy and Rebecca have some great apps to help you get organized, no matter when you start!

Bitdefender Box

How many things are connected to your WiFi in your house? Phones, of course, and tablets. Baby monitors, smart TVs, light bulbs, connected thermostats, printers, gaming devices, speakers, appliances, the list goes on and on. In fact, you are probably already living in a “smart home.”

You may even have gotten some new smart devices during the holidays. But are those devices protected? Or are they a security risk for your entire home network? A lot of devices still have the factory passwords on them, which are very easy to guess. And some devices can’t be password protected!

Your toaster, or lightbulb, or Amazon Echo could be the gateway for a hacker to gain entry to your system. They could also be used in an attack against a website without you even knowing it.

So how do you protect against these threats when you can’t install antivirus software on your appliances or home automation devices? With a Bitdefender Box. Instead of having to worry about these intrusions at a device level, the Bitdefender box protects your Internet connection, monitoring everything on your network. If it’s on your WiFi, Bitdefender Box can protect it!

Bitdefender Box scans your network for viruses, malware sites, phishing scams, and other things that may want to harm the devices in your home. If it finds a threat, it blocks it and tells you. Bitdefender Box will also give you a vulnerability assessment, to let you know there are any security flaws in your network, like if you’re still using the “0000” password on a device.

And it doesn’t just work when you’re in your home, connected to your own WiFi. Once you set it up on your phone, computer, or tablet, you can connect to public WiFi using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which routes everything back through  your Bitdefender Box and keeps your devices protected wherever they are!

You can buy a Bitdefender Box today for only $129, which includes a year of free protection for all of your connected devices. The box installs easily using an Android or iOS app – you do not have to be techy to be protected!

Look for more info from Amy about the next version of the Bitdefender Box, and follow Bitdefender Box on Twitter for all of their latest news!

Parenting Resolutions

Since Rebecca and I don’t do resolutions, we had to turn to our friends! Thanks so much to the people who shared their parenting resolutions with us:

Kate, from Lone Kate: I’m resolving to stop being such a lazy parent this year. The kids are old enough to start taking more responsibility and helping out around the house. Chores for everyone!! (They’re going to love it )

Kimberly, from Mom in the City: This year, I’m working on teaching my sons to be better givers year-round. To help, we are going to have a family “To-Give” list that we add to (and cross things off of) each month because they are better with visual (instead of verbal) reminders.

Alicia, of 24-7 Modern Mom: It’s a huge “parenting” year for me. This week one turns 13, this month three turn 7, and one turns 18 this year. For me, it’s all about giving them ALL more INDEPENDENCE even though it crushes me to let go off all the little things. When I think of my oldest turning 18, I cry every time. Even now. Boohoo

Babette, from Camp Mom (and friend of the show): I’m resolving to start meditation with the boys again. Brent was into it. Bennet, not so much. I will say this, when we did it…for all of 5 minutes, right after school, it changed our energy in the evening. We weren’t so ramped up. There was less fighting. I was a calmer parent.

(Babette told me that she was inspired by seeing this segment on CBS, and also found this post helpful.)

Megan, of Brooklyn Doula: We made a family resolution to do a serious multiple day backpacking trip together.

Sarina, a PR pro: To start the day with a little exercise (trampoline for them, burpees for us), keep on track with a weekly rewards chart to incent the kids, and pack lunch at night and if possible, or pack a week’s worth of lunches on Sundays.

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