Episode 100: Our Favorites From CES 2017!

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Andrea and Amy are back from Las Vegas with all of their favorites from the Consumer Electronics Show!

Parenting Bytes at CES 2017 - Las Vegas at night
Vegas, baby!

CES 2017

Andrea and Amy are back from Las Vegas, where they checked out all of the newest in tech, from wearables to appliances to robots to toys, and everything in between. Here are their favorites, plus a couple that, well, they weren’t too crazy about. And, um, Sting!!

You can see Andrea and Amy’s Tech TV interviews on Tom’s Guide, and also on the Living In Digital Times YouTube Channel.


Andrea was practically on the stage at Sting’s concert.

Parenting Bytes at CES 2017 - Andrea getting up close and personal with Sting
Andrea was thisclose to Sting


Sting!! #ces2017 #harmankardon

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Willow Wireless Rechargeable Breast Pump

Gone are the days when you have to lug around a cooler-sized bag and duck into a bathroom to pump. The new wearable set of pumps, called Willow, slip under your bra. Each contains a rechargeable battery and 4oz bag to collect the milk.

LEGO Boost

LEGO Boost is kind of like LEGO Mindstorm, but for a younger set. Aimed at kids seven and up, it’s a robotics kit with five designs to build, including a robot, a dog, and a car. LEGO Boost works with both iOS and Android, and will cost $159 when it comes out.

Circuit Cubes

Circuit Cubes are little boxes containing motos, lights, magnets, and more that bring other toys to life. You can use them with many different toys and household items, but they’re specially sized to work with LEGO blocks.

Philips Sonicare Kids Bluetooth Toothbrush

Philips has gamified oral health with their Sonicare Kids Bluetooth Toothbrush. It connects to an app, and kids can make the little purple character on the screen do things based on how well they’re brushing. Parents can monitor kids’ progress and set goals. (As of this writing, there was a $10 coupon on Amazon, which would make this toothbrush only $30!)

JetJat Ultra Streaming Drone

This teeny tiny drone, which connects to a cell phone or VR headset, can stream pictures and videos as it flies.


Parenting Bytes at CES 2017 - Randi Zuckerberg talking about her book and animated show, Dot
Randi Zuckerberg, telling Amy all about Dot on sprout

The animated series Dot, based on Randi Zuckerber’s book of the same name, empowers girls to embrace tech. You can find it online and on the Sprout Channel.

JBL Soundgear

Parenting Bytes at CES 2017 - JBL's new Soundgear wearable speakers
JBL’s new wearable speakers

JBL has invented wearable speakers that go around your neck, surrounding you with sound.

Lenovo Smart Assistant

This sleek new smart home product from Lenovo has Amazon’s Echo on the inside, but better speakers on the outside, including a version from Harman Kardon.

Whirlpool Connected Appliances

Whirlpool has also partnered with Amazon to bring you Alexa-connected appliances. We’re one step closer to Rebecca’s dream of having robots do all of the housework.

LG InstaView Fridge

Not only is this new refrigerator equipped with Alexa (are you seeing a pattern?), it also has a giant tablet on the refrigerator door that can turn translucent, letting you see into the fridge without opening the door.


This innovative device attaches to your garbage or recycling can and allows you to scan items as you throw them out, which adds them to a shopping list. We’re not quite sure that this is something the world needs, but it is cool.


We’ve talked about this robot clothes folding machine on the show before. Amy’s excited, and Rebecca thinks it’s dumb.


Mattel has come up with an Alexa just for kids. It can also be used by adults as an actual Amazon Echo.


No screens, just a music player for kids that’s operated with figurines instead of a screen.

Ocean Medallion

If you like Disney’s MagicBand, you’ll love this new wearable from Carnival, debuting on Princess towards the end of 2017. It promises to make your cruising experience truly personalized.

Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Connected Rechargeable Toothbrush

Philips isn’t letting kids have all the fun with brushing teeth. This adult version of a connected toothbrush shows you on an app where you’ve brushed your teeth and where you’ve missed. It also coaches you on how to apply the right pressure.

Smart Cube

Like a child-proof lock on steroids, the Smart Cube is a lock that can be operated with a phone. This would be especially useful for people who rent out their homes, have roommates, or don’t want people messing around in their medicine cabinets (but want to know when someone tries).

Nixplay Iris Connected Picture Frame

Forget those clunky electric photo frames from a few years ago. This thin, sleek frame looks like, well, a picture frame! You can instantly share your pictures to this WiFi-connected frame. As long as you don’t need more than 10 gigabytes of storage, there’s no monthly fee.

GoBe 2 Calorie Tracker

This wearable claims that it can track your calorie intake automatically (with an 85% rate of accuracy) by measuring the glucose levels in your body. No measuring, no food tracking, no pricking your skin.

LG Wallpaper TV

This incredibly thin OLED 4K TV (1/10 of an inch!!) has an extraordinary picture, and a price tag to match.

Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller

This little keyboard, about the size of a mouse, will control the Windows 10 devices hooked up to your TV without a big, cumbersome keyboard.

thinOPTICS Glasses

Parenting Bytes at CES 2017 - Amy modeling her thinOPTICS glasses
Amy showing off her thinOPTICS glasses – the case is the size of a business card!

These glasses will be with you all the time, because they live on the back of your phone. Never be caught without your reading glasses again!

Swarovski Phone Case from Otterbox

Parenting Bytes at CES 2017 - Andrea and her gorgeous Swarovski Otterbox phone case
Andrea’s pretty new Swarovski case from Otterbox

Because phone protection doesn’t have to be ugly! From Otterbox.

Hizero Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner

Whether the mess on your floor is wet, dry, or a messy combination of both, you can clean it with this floor scrubber/vacuum.

Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet

This is an innovative bike helmet that incorporates bone-conducting bluetooth headphones and a wind-resistant microphone.

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Knomo Electronista Digital Leather Clutch Bag in leather, $299

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