Episode 107: How To Stop Nagging Your Teens And Tweens About Chores

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Nagging kids about chores is the worst! But here are some strategies to help.

 Mother Nagging on Her Daughter

This week we’re tackling an annoying problem: nagging your kids to do their chores. We’ve got personal stories about our own kids, and tips from a Washington Post article. We’re going to help you out with some strategies to make your own life easier without letting your kids off the hook. Plus our Bytes of the Week!

Episode Links

I nag, my tween complains — how do we end the struggle over chores? by Meghan Leahy – Washington Post

Paying Kids to Be Good, by Lisa Belkin – NY Times

Why You Should Never Make Your Bed, by Kate Bratskeir – Huffington Post

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Exact Instructions Challenge

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