Episode 114: How To Stop Those Annoying Robocalls

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Don’t you hate those annoying robocalls? They’re such an intrusion! Here are some tools to┬áblock unwanted calls.

How to block unwanted calls - woman looking at phone

“Hi, this is Heather from account services.” “Hi there, can you hear me? Hold on, I’m adjusting my headset.” “Hello, I’m calling from Microsoft. I need to alert you that you have a problem with your Microsoft computer.” The calls keep coming. Some are recorded, some are actual people. They’re all trying to manipulate you into giving up personal information so that they can steal from you in some way. And even if you know enough not to fall for the scams, the calls are still super annoying! So what can you do about them? Today we talk to Jennifer Jolly, who wrote about this issue for USA Today. She’s got some great tips and apps to┬áblock unwanted calls.

Plus our Bytes of the Week, including an important safety reminder, a great Netflix miniseries, and travel advice to keep you connected.

Episode Links

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