Episode 133: Why Kids Should Learn To Code, with Wonder Workshop CEO Vikas Gupta

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We’re talking with Wonder Workshop CEO Vikas Gupta about why every child should learn to code!


Thanks so much to our sponsor, Wonder Workshop! You can learn more about their fun and educational robots and accessories at MakeWonder.com.

We’re so thrilled to be able to talk once again with Vikas Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of Wonder Workshop. Home of Dash & Dot and the new Cue robot, Wonder Workshop is dedicated to teaching kids six years and up to code in a way that’s super fun and accessible! Their hands-on, gender-neutral robots are used in more than 15,000 schools. Wonder Workshop also holds a yearly coding and problem-solving contest, the Wonder League Robotics Competition, for kids 6-12. You can hear much more in our interview!

Wonder Workshop - Dot and Cue

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