Episode 137: Is Alexa OK For Kids?

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Do you let your kids talk to Alexa? Should you? And what are the best Alexa skills for kids  Is Alexa OK for Kids? - Amazon Echo in Sandstone

This week we’re talking about Alexa and kids. With so many Echo devices in homes, do we need to set up rules about how long kids can play with Alexa? How much is too much?

And if you do let your child talk to Alexa, which Alexa skills are best for kids? We’ve got some advice and recommendations!

Episode Links

Amazon Echo

Google Home

Alexa, Are You Safe For My Kids? by Michaeleen Doucleff & Allison Aubrey – NPR

Mattel Pulls Aristotle Children’s Device After Privacy Concerns, by Rachel Rabkin Peachman – NY Times

Hello Barbie

Cortana Devices

How to Erase Everything You’ve Asked Amazon Echo, by John Patrick Pullen – Time

Harmony Remote Skill for Alexa

Use Your Alexa Device To Control Your Fire TV

IFTTT for Alexa

10 Best Alexa Skills for Kids, by Dan Moren – Tom’s Guide

Sesame Street skill for Alexa

Bored Kids skill for Alexa

Amazon Storytime skill for Alexa

The SpongeBob Challenge skill for Alexa

True Or False skill for Alexa

UNICEF Kid Power skill for Alexa

1-Minute Mindfulness skill for Alexa

Moto Z Play

Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa

Setting Up Amazon Alexa on Sonos

AnyPod skill for Alexa

Want Lane Assist and Other Fancy Tech in Your Old Car? There’s An App for That… by Andrea Smith – NBC News

Welcoming Our New Robot Overlords, by Sheelah Kolhatkar – The New Yorker

Is the World Ready for a Guaranteed Basic Income? – Freakonomics

Will Robots Take My Job?

Foldimate, Your Laundry Folding Friend

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