Episode 150: How Kids Can Get Into Their Dream School

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We’re talking with an expert about how to get your kid into her dream school!

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Rebecca and Amy had a fantastic conversation with Elizabeth Dankoski, founder of The Dream School Project. How can your child get into his dream school? What makes a college essay stand out? What should you be doing to help your child through the college application process? Are expensive schools worth the debt? We took your questions and handed them over to an expert!

Elizabeth Dankoski, founder of The Dream School Project
Elizabeth Dankoski, founder of The Dream School Project

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Episode Links

The Dream School Project

From Convent To College Consultant: Inspiring Rebellion – Elisabeth Dankoski’s TEDx talk

Free college readiness assessment quiz (check the sidebar)

Queer Eye on Netflix

Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be, by Frank Bruni

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