Episode 155: Teens And The Power Of Social Media – For Good!

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Social media isn’t all bad for teens! Here are some reason why.

Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat and the rest aren't all bad! We're highlighting some of the reasons why social media can be good for #teens.

Everyone likes to talk about the dangers of social media, especially for young people, but is it all bad? Of course not! So we’re highlighting some of the ways in which social media is good for teens – and the rest of us.

Episode Links

Five ways social media can be good for teens, by Caroline Knorr – Washington Post

Reddit And The Struggle To Detoxify The Internet, by

Grown & Flown Parents Facebook Group


Crash Course

Netflix Orders ‘Queer Eye’ and ‘Nailed It’ As Its Unscripted Push Continues

Seinfeld: A Chart About Nothing

‘This Is Us’ Instant Pot Decals

NY Times ‘The Daily’ Podcast (episode from Monday, March 26th, 2018)

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