Episode 160: When Should Your Kids Start Using A Computer?

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We’re talking with Christy Matte about computer use at all ages and stages!

Parenting Bytes Christy Matte and R2D2

Are you wondering how young is too young to sit at a computer? Christy Matte, of ChristyMatte.com and Quirky Fusion , has written a guide for Tom’s Hardware titled “What’s the Right Age to Introduce Your Kid to Computers?” and she covers it all! What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks? What should you be teaching at each stage, and what should you be looking out for?

Episode Links

Our interview with Christy Matte:

What’s the Right Age to Introduce Your Kid to Computers? by Christy Matte – Tom’s Hardware

American Academy of Pediatrics Announces New Recommendations for Children’s Media Use – AAP

A Magazine Is an iPad That Does Not Work

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