About Parenting Bytes

Andrea Smith, Amy Oztan, and Rebecca Levey in a recording studio, for the Parenting Bytes podcast
Andrea Smith, Amy Oztan, and Rebecca Levey
Rebecca Levey is the co-founder of KidzVuz, a digital media company focused on user-generated videos by and for tweens. A former blogger, she has contributed to Mashable, Yahoo! Mother Board, HuffPost, Mom Blog Magazine, The Washington Post, and is a frequent conference speaker as an expert on kids and digital media.
Andrea Smith is an award-winning technology reporter, producer, consultant, and speaker. One of the first women journalists covering technology, Andrea has worked at ABC Radio News and Mashable, and has contributed to GMA, WABC-TV, ABC News Digital, World News Now, NBC News, HuffPost Tech, Techlicious, Chip Chick, Popular Science, and Living In Digital Times.
Amy Oztan is a long-time blogger at AmyEverAfter.com (formerly SelfishMom.com). Amy has a special love for gadgets (both tech and kitchen). She has contributed online to Toms Guide, Laptop Mag, Techlicious, Redbook, Motto, Garnet News, and NJ Family Magazine.
The Parenting Bytes Podcast started in January 2015 in conjunction with the launch of CBS’ new podcast network, Play.it. After several years with CBS and then Radio.com, the Parenting Bytes hosts struck out on their own. With well over 200 episodes, Parenting Bytes has covered topics as wide-ranging as talking to kids about tragedy, what to do on snow days, the perils and myths of sexting, if homework is worth it, how to keep grandparents from getting scammed, how to cook a huge holiday meal, how to organize your entire year in a day, and how to hold a virtual celebration online.